We are called Nonlinear Ventures because each challenge and each engagement is different. While our work is always highly tailored to your needs, here are some common activities:
Complex System Mapping 
Systems mapping is a collaborative process to capture the salient elements of a complex system – parts, relationships, feedback loops, and perspectives. Using innovative methods pioneered by the Cabrera Research Lab at Cornell University, we can help you understand your challenges and opportunities for intervention in a nuanced and actionable way, while creating shared understanding among competing stakeholders. We provide both short-term and long-term training and collaboration to best meet your needs. 
Program Planning and Implementation
Implementing approaches to wicked problems requires a strong set of communication, planning, and leadership skills. We can help you structure complex initiatives and implement them in a transparent and low-risk manner. We can also conduct an impact assessment of existing programs and recommend improvements.
Systems and Program Coaching
Approaches to wicked problems are prone to bias, especially confirmation bias where the team pursues narrow, known options – rather than exploring more broadly. In a short-term or ongoing coaching engagement, we provide an outside perspective to challenge your approach to identify new opportunities and flaws. While this activity may not sound fun, it can be immensely productive.
Data Visualization
Success with wicked problems depends are quality data providing ongoing feedback on the system and how it responds to interventions. We can help you identify critical data sources and metrics within and outside of your organization and, using Tableau and other tools, build user-friendly dashboards to inform better learning and decision making over time.

Visiting Hurricane Sandy flood zone with 100 Resilient Cities Leaders

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